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Stealth Hawk Pro Drone Review

SUMMARY: Are you searching for a way to keep your home under surveillance? Or do you need a way to explore an adventurous location with safety? In all cases, we got you covered. Meet StealthHawk Pro, the military-grade drone that has been sold out globally.

This is Why You Need a Helicopter Drone Over a Regular One

Most of us believe that a drone is a gadget designed only for photography or for playing around just for fun. However, a helicopter drone offers way more than that.

For years now, special forces have been using these types of drones for surveillance and security. 

Thanks to their design, helicopter drones are highly resistant and ultra-fast. They can survive extreme conditions such as high altitude and their powerful battery make them unbeatable.

This way, helicopter drones are the ideal devices for activities that require extra safety.

They come in very handy for adventures such as hiking, hunting or even camping as they offer a safe option to explore the location without putting yourself or your love ones in danger.

Most drones on the market are not that durable and can’t be used that way. It’s after all really expensive to do all the research to produce a military-grade drone.

Recently this technology became available for mass production and this is how StealthHawk Pro was designed. 

Introducing StealthHawk Pro

StealthHawk Pro is the world’s first commercial military helicopter drone on the market.

Designed to be ultra-durable and extremely fast, StealthHawk Pro can easily defeat existing miniature spy drones.

Equipped with real blades movement, StealthHawk Pro is steady in high winds and offers crystal-clear aerial footage even during extreme conditions.

StelathHawk Pro can even survive rain and battles temperatures from -10°C up to +43°C (or from 14°F up to 113°F).

This way, you can be always sure that your photos and videos are smooth no matter what.

When it comes to its battery, StealthHawk Pro is one of the few drones out there that can fly for 15 minutes at a flight distance of 120 meters.

And all that, while being almost silent without any disturbing sounds.

This is a necessary feature for a helicopter drone when you want to use it to surveil your home and the area around it.

What is So Special About This Helicopter Drone?

First of all, StealthHawk Pro is not another drone. Its unique helicopter-like design gives it truly useful and practical qualities.

Compact and easily maneuverable, StealthHawk Pro is very easy to use even for people who have never used a drone before.

The auto-landing and auto-returning functions make the flying experience even easier, as you can leave StealthHawk Pro flying on its own without worrying about losing it.

With the StealthHawk Pro app, you can choose a location on the map by tapping on the screen of your smartphone. StealthHawk Pro will fly there immediately to explore the location and give you real-time footage of this area.

More than that, the 4K WiFi embedded camera combined with the image stabilization technology, makes this drone a must-have for everyone who enjoys photography, vlogging and live recording.

  • Compact and Stylish Helicopter Design with Real Blades Movement
  • 4K Ultra HD WiFi Camera Offers Smooth and Crystal-Clear Footage
  • Durable Military-Grade Materials that Withstand Wind, Rain and Altitude
  • Long-Lasting Battery Offers 15 Minutes of Continuous Flight
  • Simple and Easy to Learn User Interface


We Tried It and This Is Our Review

I thought I would never see the day when I could purchase a helicopter drone for such a low price. Usually, military-grade spy drones cost over $500, so when I saw that the StealthHawk Pro was so affordable, I had to try it.

Usually, military-grade spy drones cost over $1000, so when I saw that the StealthHawk Pro was so affordable, I had to try it.

Just let me tell you that this drone is an absolute bargain for what it offers and its camera isn’t the only good feature that will have you fawning over it!

Its real heli blades movement and durable costrunction follow in the footsteps of its more famous rivals but with a huge difference, it doesn’t come with the huge price tag these drones come with.

Thanks to my job, I have the chance to test a great number of gadgets and drones and this one is really one of the best ever! I even bought another one for my son as I couldn’t resist the really tempting discount of 50%!

To sum up, StealthHawk Pro is the only helicopter drone on the market that combines amazing features and high-quality design with an affordable price.

John Phillips has been reviewing tech for the last 15 years, working out of NYC. She has a passion for innovative technology and wearable devices which add value to normal peoples lives.