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XWatch Specifications & Features

XWatch Smartwatch Specifications and Features. — Official Website.



September 08, 2020 – The XWatch SmartWatch specifications and company information. Gadgets Rated takes a closer look at the XWatch in this article. Find the official XWatch website link at the bottom of this article.

Can You Really Get a Premium Smartwatch, on a Budget? You’ll Be Amazed How Affordable This Awesome XWatch Is…


Latest Europe start-up has just launched the flagship smartwatch called XWATCH giving big smartwatch company makers a real run for their money. With thousands of customers already convinced, XWATCH is the first flagship smartwatch of the new era costing three times less than the competition.

XWATCH is here to satisfy the most demanding smartwatch users.

It’s selling like crazy worldwide, we investigated why this little known smartwatch is so popular!

Everybody knows the big tech brands are ripping us off. They change very little every year, and yet their watches seem to keep getting more and more expensive…
But can you get a top-quality smartwatch, without paying crazy prices?

We investigate why everyone is choosing this particular new smartwatch, instead of overpriced smartwatches that cost up to 4X more.

What Is It?

Its called the XWATCH. Lots of people have switched to it already. No wonder when you realise how similar it is to big brand watches, without the huge price tag of course!

xwatch launch show

XWATCH is sold by a company from Europe (France and Germany). It’s made in the same Chinese factories as lots of other major brands – so the build quality is superb like the flagship smartwatch of biggest companies.

They used the best parts, technology and software from the expensive models. You can really feel the premium cutting-edge inside, the XWATCH works super fast and smoothly! The Android OS is completely optimized and you will never notice any lag.

Why Is The XWATCH So Popular?

We think it’s because XWATCH has focused on the most important things:

✅First Smartwatch AND Fitness tracker in one sleek watch.

✅High-quality, easy-to-read display in all lighting.

✅Accurate tracking of your heart rate and heart rhythm.

✅Water resistant, Menstrual Cycle Tracker and Sleeping Monitor.

✅Activity rings track your progress and inspire you to sit less and move more.

✅Personal voice assistant function, take and make calls, arrange appointments etc.

For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so you can be always up to date and safe!

The XWATCH features integrated mobile phone support so seniors can easily get help from anywhere using cellular technology. Some of the features of the XWATCH include advanced location tracking through GPS positioning and Wi-Fi, reminders and alerts for medications and other important tasks and events, even a weather forecast app!

seniors wearing xwatches

What Are Some Other Key Features?

The XWATCH is packed with lots of useful stuff you’d find in big branded smartwatches:

✅Bluetooth 4.0 protocol maintains a constant connection to help the owner find the clock from the phone quickly.

✅Heart sensors designed to let people with heart conditions or anxiety know when they might need to take it easy.

specifications and features

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

review 1

“Fantastic build quality. I can chose between many watch faces. An excellent all-rounder for everything most of us will ever need.”

review 2

“I love that it has a good battery life. I’m sick of running around looking for charging points by lunchtime with my power-hungry smartwatch… The XWATCH is a serious contender”

review 3

“Very comfortable, good battery, nice looking also! I go swimming on a daily basis and still works perfectly! I was stunned by the price – XWATCH has to be the bargain of the century.”

xwatch screen

How Much Does XWATCH Cost?

We calculated the cost of the XWATCH to be between $250-400. The average guess in the office was $350.

Incredibly the highly-rated XWATCH is just $99… (with the 50% promo at the time of writing)!

That is a crazy price when you consider just how similar this watch is to the newest big brand watches – and those models cost much more!!!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

XWATCH spends nothing on advertising. They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

Meanwhile, big brands spend billions on advertising. Those huge costs are added on to the price of their watches (sometimes up to 50%) and paid for by us, the customers…

Click here to see the XWATCH shop discounts »

Conclusion: Should You Get It?

The quality is premium, it ‘feels’ like an expensive $400 smartwatch. It works quickly and perfectly. The battery life is certainly enough for a full week of heavy use. Finally, the promotion price is amazing for a device this high-level. We say, definitely, pick one up before they go!

In a Nutshell: XWATCH is as good as the big brands, but a fraction of the price! Here’s a comparison of its most important features compared to the markets current flagship smartwatches:

comparison table

Where Can I Order an XWATCH for Myself?

That’s easy, at the moment you can buy XWATCH 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

1- Order XWATCH from the supplier’s website.

2- Enjoy most of the Features from the most expensive watches for a fraction of the price.

100% Money Back Guarantee: XWatch’s developers are so confident in their product that they offer all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result, the entire purchase price will be refunded.

A lot of people are buying more than one XWatch due to this special offer – get yours while the promotion lasts!

John Phillips has been reviewing tech for the last 15 years, working out of NYC. She has a passion for innovative technology and wearable devices which add value to normal peoples lives.

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GX SmartWatch Review ECG Ready Health Watch

GX SmartWatch Review. This SmartWatch Could Stop Early Stage Health Issues



gx smartwatch

September 10, 2020 – GX SmartWatch Review. Do You Really Need This New ECG Ready Smartwatch? A Lot of People Are Wearing It Already…

SUMMARY: A joint French and German company has just released their newest product, the GX SmartWatch. I is already starting to edge out their larger competitors. Thousands of users are already enjoying the revolutionary health benefits that this new innovative smartwatch is bringing to the market, at an astonishingly low price. Get Your GX SmartWatch now 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Have you been looking into smartwatches and felt overwhelmed by all the information? Have you been struggling to pick the right one for you, or even understand what you need it for? This new smartwatch will convince you with its numerous uses and benefits.

What Is It?

Generations X-Z have already fully adopted the smartwatch, using it to check their messages, make calls and control their phone’s music. But there has never been a smartwatch geared towards the older generations. The ones who don’t need the latest shiny brands and are instead interested in the functional, health benefits of such a device.

Most simply look at the price tags and shake their heads, not understanding why they should even bother, is a phone not enough?

But this new smartwatch is a game changer. Geared towards the needs of the older users, it provides both style and actual health uses.

We’ve taken the time to look at it for you, to see if it really can, as they claim, save your life.

What Are We Talking About?

gx smartwatch pictures

It’s called the GX SmartWatch. The creation of German engineering and research. The finest health experts and watch makers are all apart of this premium budget smartwatch.

Only the best parts and materials have been picked for their new flagship smartwatch, to ensure its quality and durability, as well as longevity.

Not only is it durable and remarkably easy to use, it is also stylish, coming in a variety of styles from classic leather and metal to the more modern and comfortable rubber. And it’s shaped and looks like your old regular watch too!

better looking smartwatch

Is It Really as Impressive as They Say? All Those Fancy Impressive Health Monitoring Functions?

So far, we’ve only talked about the outside of the watch. Now, it’s time to dig in to what makes this watch really special, its features.

The watch has all the standard things you’d find in any of the top brands, but better geared to fit the needs of its older users:

  • An impressive and efficient 380MAH battery, one full charge will last you up to four days
  • A large HD display to make it easier to read and make out
  • Highly durable, drop, hit and scratch resistant
  • Support for over 20 languages for both Android and iOS with an intuitive and easy to use UI
  • Quick and simple setup and connection via Bluetooth
  • IP68 water resistance, resistant for up to 50m, showers, rain and pools are no problem
  • Anti-lost feature – forgot where you put your phone? One push of a button to get your phone alarm ringing to help you find it
  • A classic and elegant design. It looks like a regular watch, but better
  • Music and volume control, messages and calls, so you don’t need to fumble with your very fragile phone

But these are, of course, all features that many other watches have. They help you keep in touch and connect with your friends and family more easily, but what makes the GX SmartWatch really special? What are these health features and benefits they keep boasting about?

Keeping active is important for one’s health, and the GX SmartWatch makes it very easy with a step counter that helps you keep track of your progress and goals, a calorie burnt counter, it even has a sedentary warning that notices when you’ve been inactive for a long time and need to move. 

ecg monitor

On top of these is its state-of-the-art sensor, that measure your heartrate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels and instantly notifies you of any abnormalities. And for those of us that are very familiar with how difficult sleep can get the older you get, it even monitors your sleep cycles!

All of these 24/7 vital monitoring tools on your wrist are already more than impressive, but the truly revolutionary function is the fact that the sensor is also advanced enough to perform ECG tests on you! With the press of a button you can have an electrocardiogram in under 30seconds. We all know how important early detection is and this feature can and will literally save your life.

99% of Users Recommend the GX Smartwatch to Their Friends and Family

heart rate monitor

I’ve begun having more and more sleep difficulties and was recommended to try this watch by a relative. It has really helped me get my sleep cycles and schedule in order. Additionally it has helped me get better sleep than I’ve had in years.

stylish watch

I heard about the ECG feature and now I can regularly test myself. The other features have been very useful as well. I take it with me to my pool exercises. It was surprisingly easy to setup and use.

bpm on watch

This smartwatch is amazing! My son got it for me to help monitor my blood pressure and it’s done a wonderful job! It even motivates me to keep to my recommended daily steps. Highly recommended.

How Much Does the GX SmartWatch Cost?

So, the GX SmartWatch is a luxury smartwatch with plethora of features. But what use is it if you can’t afford it? This is where the amazing price comes in.

You don’t need to pay the usual 600$ average you’d be paying for one of the bigger brands.

Its retail price is an astounding 199.99$. I know you’re wondering how it can be possible for it to be this cheap. GX SmartWatch is only available online has hundreds of positive reviews.

But what’s even more astonishing is that the GX SmartWatch is also currently on its promotional campaign. You can get yours for just $89.

Click here to see if the GX SmartWatch Promotion is still live >>

Conclusion: Should I Get It?

Wholeheartedly YES! As a regular smartwatch alone, it is more than worth the price. All the extra health features and design tailored for an older audience make it absolutely incredible, so once again, YES. 


  • Very Easy To Use
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • ECG Test At A Press Of A Button
  • HD Fully Touch Display
  • Fitness Assistant On Your Wrist


  • Only Available From The Official Website

How to Get A GX SmartWatch?

If the GX SmartWatch is still in stock, here is how to get one:

  1. We recommend ordering an original GX SmartWatch from the supplier’s website by clicking here.
  2. Monitor your vitals signs and perform ECG tests easily at the press of a button.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: For a Limited Time, Get 50% off and Free Shipping!

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Tact Watch Review – Worlds Strongest SmartWatch For Men

Tact Watch SmartWatch Review. Strongest SmartWatch Ever Made!




September 10, 2020 – Tact Watch Review. The Invincible Military Inspired SmartWatch Every Guy in World is Talking About…(It’s Super Tough!). The official website link is at the bottom of this article.

Imagine a SmartWatch that can take a beating and keep on ticking!

Worried about damaging that fragile smartwatch you paid so much for? Hesitant to even buy a pricey smartwatch because they can so easily get damaged? This breakthrough in smartwatch tech may be what you’re looking for…

Track your steps and heart rate, make a purchase, get social media notifications, call an uber, and even function as a hotel room key! There are just some of the amazing features of smartwatches these days.

It’s no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays— everyone seems to be getting one!

There’s just one big problem: smartwatches are unprotected and can easily get damaged. Since you’re wearing it on your wrist there’s no room to put a shatterproof protective case on your smartwatch like you would on your mobile phone.

smashed smartwatch

In the course of living your life and wearing a smartwatch it’s only matter of time before it gets: bumped, cracked, or smashed.

That means paying a hefty fee to get your smartwatch repaired or worse replaced!

Thanks to new breakthrough military technology, there’s a new type of smartwatch that’s super robust (nearly shatterproof) and yet very stylish!

Introducing the Tact Watch:

What is it?

A Small group of elite former military engineers wanted a watch so tough that a soldier could wear it in the heat of war. A smartwatch that can take a beating and keep on ticking!

They used recently declassified military tech to come up with the ultimate smartwatch. Both stylish and super tough!

military grade smartwatch

The Tact Watch is born.

This “James Bond” watch is stunning, and super cool. It’s tough as a kevlar vest, more stylish than an iWatch, and very easy to use.

Why is This Watch So Tough?

tactwatch specifictions

Cutting edge Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating protects the Tact Watch, making it SUPER TOUGH…

The Tact Watch comes ready for the “combat” of daily life. Demanding physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or scratch.

What’s more, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof. It can withstand the toughest situations with no problems at all…

dust proof, water proof

Your Tact Watch will leave the expensive ‘weakling’ smartwatches in the dust. Once you experience the strength and versatility of this robust military grade smartwatch, you’ll never look back!


Did we mention the Tact SmartWatch also syncs to your smartphone? You don’t need a ugly expensive smartwatch to get cutting edge tech features anymore!

controls of the tact watch

The Tact SmartWatch is for Men Who Want the Most Out of Life

stronger smartwatch made to last

Whether it’s a Apple, Sony, or Samsung, the days of wearing boring fragile smartwatches that look like mini-computer screens are over.

Tact Watch is the ‘Alpha Male’ of the smartwatch world. It’s designed to thrive in a world of danger, adventure, and action. All while sporting a stylish and slick design!

Wait…Can I Sync My Tact Watch with My Smartphone?

smartphone connection to watch

How Much is It?

When we first researched this watch, we were sure it would go for at least $300, or even $400.

You’d be surprised to find that you can get it right now for just $89 (versus $179.99 in speciality stores!) It’s an amazing deal, considering most people won’t think twice forking over $300-$500 for a conventional ugly fragile smartwatch.

Does Tact Watch Live Up to its Promises?

Here’s some impressive feedback we got on the Tact Watch from our internal staff testing…

watch on wrist

“There are so many tactical watches on the market but this one is the BEST. It’s so strong and easy to use, and i love the battery lifetime as well. It looks great on my wrist.”

Conclusion: Is the Tact Watch really worth it?

After putting this watch through a battery of testing and punishment, it passed with flying colors. Our entire staff were blown away by the Tact Watch. Even the ladies loved it. Here our internal assessment of the Pros and Cons:


  • Extreme Durability
  • Intuitive and Very Easy to Use
  • Stylish and Professional Design


  • No fragile touchscreen. It’s completely unnecessary!

Bottom line:

Whether you sit at a computer all day, or work a heavy duty physical job, the Tact SmartWatch is the ‘smart’ choice versus the conventional weak, ugly and hideously expensive smartwatches on the market!

How To Get A Tact Watch?

If it’s still in stock, here where you can get yours:

Order a Genuine Tact Watch from the official website here.

It is so Simple!

SPECIAL PROMOTION: For a Limited Time, Get 50% off and Free Shipping!   

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Loyal Watch Review

Loyal Watch Review. Sporty SmartWatch With Incredible Health Benefits.



September 08, 2020 – Loyal Watch SmartWatch Review. Today at Gadgets Rated we are taking a closer look at the Loyal SmartWatch, its features, benefits and price. You will find the Loyal Watch official website at the end of this article.

How come everyone is talking about this new smartwatch? The health benefits are incredible.

Until recently, the digital watch industry was made up of 3 large companies that have been setting prices for years with little or no competition. A technology company specializing in the creation of digital watches is turning its back on the market and kicking the industry up a knotch.

The company Loyal Watch, together with some of the leading watch manufacturers in the market, has found a way to offer a product with even better features than its competitors and at a much lower price.

loyal watch charger

What makes Loyal Watch so popular?

This green laser is the big secret. It can measure blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, pulses per minute. All this in real time.

An electrocardiogram on a watch? That’s right!

What exactly are we talking about?

Loyal Watch Bracelet

The professionals at the company behind Loyal Watch are experts in health and technology. Solely because of this union of both fields of specialty, has this smartwatch development been possible. The product’s quality is appreciated right from the moment you hold the watch in your hand. It is designed to last, and this is no longer often seen today. The case is made of reinforced aluminum and the glass of the touchscreen, being tempered, will not break in any way.

So, what can this smartwatch really do? It has the same functions as most smart watches. Call answering, sleep monitor, step counter, display of incoming messages, etc.

But what really makes the Loyal Watch so special are its life-saving features.

Why do I need one?

Worldwide, more than 18 million people die every year from cardiovascular diseases. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, you are still at risk.

One of the main advantages of this smartwatch is that it always allows you to keep a close eye on your heart rate and will alert you if any abnormalities appear in your heart. Still think it’s not for you? This smart watch can save your life by giving you those crucial minutes to react before it’s too late.

“The  advantages of keep a close eye on my heart rate, was what ultimately made me decide between other brands or to get this model! And I can assure you, as a doctor, that the Loyal Watch does what it was meant to do, and more than that. It monitors your steps perfectly, as well as any kind of sports activity you do throughout the day. The battery lasts a good while, and another thing I like about it that is not inferior to the competition is its design. After four months of use, I’m very satisfied with my purchase of this device.”

It’s for these reasons that Loyal Watch is a device that is sweeping sales this 2020. It could literally save your life someday!

What else can this smartwatch do for you?

go swimming in loyal watch

Much more than you think!

If you’re surprised by the features we’ve just told you about, you can expect a lot more than that:

  • Call notifications
  • Message notifications
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Raise your hand to illuminate the screen
  • Reminder to keep moving
  • Remote picture capturing
  • Wristband search
  • Alarm configuration
  • Sleep monitor
  • Multisport mode
  • Step counter
  • Clock display

And much more!

This device includes all the properties of a high-quality smart watch to which we must add the “three in one” function that allows us to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level in real time.

As for the design of the Loyal Watch, it has a sporty look that fits perfectly with its personal trainer functions.

Everyone who has tried it has been delighted. And what are you waiting for to get one?


50% OFF only during the launch period at this link. Buy it now. Limited sale.

See how it works!

What do people think of the Loyal Watch?

“I bought this watch as a gift for Father’s Day and when I opened it to set it up before giving it to him, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the materials and the design. Although it is not one of the most recognized brands of smartwatches, it is ideal, and its functionalities are not at all inferior to those of the big brands”.
Mike P.

“I am thrilled with this purchase. There is nothing to envy from models that are much more expensive. I’ve had it for a couple of months now and I use it when I play sports. I charge it every 6 days or so and the battery lasts me quite a while. What I use most is the multisport mode, the step counter and the sleep monitor.”
Megan S.

“It was a gift to one of my kids since I was looking for a smartwatch but didn’t want to spend too much. He’s been using it for three weeks now and has yet to take it off. It’s very easy to use, because as we click through it, the different options appear. I could even use it myself, and I’m 68 years old!”
David T.

One step ahead of the competition

sporty smartwatch

Main advantages of Loyal Watch

  1. How much does a Loyal Watch cost?

    How much would you be willing to pay to keep an eye on your health at all times?

    Smartwatches on the market are around 400€/$/£, so you probably think that a Loyal Watch costs around that much, don’t you? Well, it doesn’t! The Loyal Watch is priced at 99.90! Bet you weren’t expecting that!

    Plus, if you hurry, it’s 50% off for a limited time. Hurry up and get your Loyal Watch now for just $49.95!
  2. How can it be so cheap?

    Big brands spend millions on advertising, physical stores, personnel, and all this has an impact on the price at which they sell devices to us. By being sold only on the Internet and not advertising on TV, Loyal Watch is able to afford such reasonable prices.

    Also, as a launch offer, there is a 50% discount available for a limited time. Take advantage of this offer before they return to their original price!

  3. What are you waiting for to enjoy the best smart watch on the market?

    Don’t wait any longer to enjoy all the features that the Loyal Watch has to offer. Thanks to all its features you can keep your heart rate under control while enjoying your time in a more organized manner.
  4. Loyal Watch is the best option

    For a limited time and only by accessing this page you can reap the benefits of a 50% discount on your purchase.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home.

Free fast shipping within 7 days!!

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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